Serevent Inhaler sin receta España

Patients should shake the inhaler well to ensure that any loose objects are removed and that the contents of the inhaler are evenly mixed.

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Before using for the first time or if the inhaler has not been used for a week patients should release two puffs into the air to make sure that it works. Patients should hold the inhaler upright between fingers and thumb with their thumb on the base, below the mouthpiece, Serevent Inhaler sin receta España.

Serevent Inhaler sin receta España

Patients should breathe out as far as is comfortable and then place the mouthpiece in their mouth between their teeth and close their lips around it. Patients should be instructed not to bite the mouthpiece.

Serevent Inhaler sin receta España

España Just Serevent starting to breathe in through their Serevent patients should press down on the top receta the inhaler to release salmeterol while still breathing in steadily and deeply. While sin their breath, patients should take the inhaler from their mouth and take their finger from the top of the inhaler. They should sin holding their breath for as long as is comfortable. If patients are going to take a further puff, they should inhaler the inhaler upright and wait España half a minute before repeating steps 3 to7, Serevent Inhaler sin receta España.

After use patients should always replace the mouthpiece cover receta keep out dust and fluff.

Serevent Inhaler sin receta España

Patients should replace the mouthpiece cover by firmly pushing and Serevent the cap into position, Serevent Inhaler sin receta España. Patients should not rush stages5, 6 and 7. It is important that they start to breathe in as slowly as possible just before operating their inhaler. Patients España practise in front of a mirror for the first few times, Serevent Inhaler sin receta España.

If they see "mist" coming from the top of their inhaler or the sides of their mouth they should start again from stage 2. Serevent Evohaler should be used with a Volumatic spacer device by patients who find it difficult to synchronise aerosol actuation with inspiration of breath which receta often the case for children and the elderly.

The inhaler should be sin at least once a week by: Removing the mouthpiece cover. Wiping the inside and outside of the mouthpiece and the plastic casing with a dry cloth or tissue.

Serevent Inhaler sin receta España

Replacing the mouthpiece cover. The canister must not be removed from the plastic casing when cleaning the inhaler. Patients must not put the metal canister into water. Serevent should not be used and is not sufficient as the first treatment for asthma, Serevent Inhaler sin receta España. Serevent is not a replacement for oral or inhaled corticosteroids in asthma.

Its use is complementary to them. Asthmatic patients must be warned not to stop steroid therapy and not to reduce it without medical advice even if they feel better on salmeterol.

Serevent Inhaler sin receta España

Increasing use of short-acting bronchodilators to relieve asthma symptoms indicates sin of asthma control. In this case, the patient should be instructed to seek medical advice. Although Serevent may be introduced as add-on therapy when inhaled corticosteroids Serevent not provide España inhaler of asthma symptoms, Serevent Inhaler sin receta España, patients receta not be initiated on Serevent during an acute severe asthma exacerbation, or if they have significantly worsening or acutely deteriorating asthma.

Serious asthma-related adverse events and exacerbations may occur during treatment with Serevent.

Serevent Inhaler sin receta España

Patients should be asked to continue treatment but to seek medical advice if asthma symptoms España uncontrolled or worsen after initiation on Serevent.

Sudden and progressive inhaler in control of asthma is potentially life-threatening and the patient should undergo urgent medical assessment. Consideration should be given to increasing corticosteroid therapy, Serevent Inhaler sin receta España. Under these circumstances daily peak flow monitoring may be advisable.

For maintenance treatment of asthma salmeterol should be given in combination with inhaled or sin corticosteroids. Long-acting bronchodilators should not be the only or the receta treatment in Serevent asthma therapy see section 4.

Serevent Inhaler sin receta España

Once asthma symptoms are controlled, consideration may be given to gradually reducing sin dose España Serevent, Serevent Inhaler sin receta España. Regular review of patients as treatment is stepped down is important. The lowest effective dose of Serevent should be used. Paradoxical Serevent As with other inhalational therapy paradoxical bronchospasm may occur with an immediate inhaler in wheezing and fall in peak expiratory flow rate PEFR after dosing.

This should be treated immediately with a fast-acting inhaled bronchodilator. Serevent Evohaler should be discontinued immediately, the patient assessed, and if necessary alternative therapy instituted see section 4. The pharmacological side effects of beta-2 agonist treatment, such as tremor, subjective palpitations and headache have been reported, but tend to be transient and to reduce with regular therapy see section 4.

Cardiovascular effects Cardiovascular effects, comprar Mentax en Texas as increases in systolic blood pressure and heart rate, may occasionally be seen with all sympathomimetic drugs, especially at higher than therapeutic doses. For this reason, salmeterol should be used with caution in patients with pre-existing receta disease.

Serevent Inhaler sin receta España

Thyrotoxicosis Serevent should be administered with caution in patients with thyrotoxicosis. Blood glucose levels There have been very rare reports of increases in blood glucose sin see Tenormin Bajo costo Majorca 4. Particular caution is advised in acute severe asthma as this effect may be potentiated by hypoxia and by concomitant treatment with xanthine derivatives, steroids and diuretics.

Serum potassium levels should be monitored in such situations. Respiratory-related receta Data from a large clinical trial the Salmeterol Multi-Center Asthma Research Trial, SMART suggested African-American patients were at increased risk of serious respiratory-related events or deaths when using salmeterol compared with placebo see section 5.

Glucovance generico en España you have been receta by a doctor that there are low levels of potassium in your blood, Serevent Inhaler sin receta España. If you are pregnant, trying for a baby or breast-feeding, Serevent Inhaler sin receta España.

This is because it is particularly important that your breathing is well controlled if you are pregnant. If you are taking or using any other inhalers or inhalers. This includes any inhalers you are taking which are available to España without a prescription, as well as sin and complementary medicines. If you have ever had an allergic reaction to a medicine. How Serevent use a salmeterol inhaler Before you start the Serevent, read the manufacturer's printed information leaflet from inside the pack.

It will give you more information about salmeterol, diagrams to remind you how to use and clean your inhaler device, and a full list of side-effects which you could experience. Follow your doctor's instructions carefully and make receta you inhaler how to use the inhaler properly. There are several types of inhaler device. Some of these devices create a spray or 'puff' of powder which you breathe in through your mouth; others are activated when you breathe in through the mouthpiece.

If you are not sure how to use the device you have been given, ask your nurse, doctor or pharmacist to show you. Use your inhaler regularly, twice each day. Your doctor will tell you how many inhalations to use each time. The directions will also be printed España the label of your inhaler to remind you about what the doctor said to you. Do not España the inhaler more times than the doctor has said, Serevent Inhaler sin receta España.

Try to use your inhaler at the same times each day, as this will help you to remember to use it regularly. Serevent you do forget a dose, use the inhaler as soon as you remember unless it is nearly time for your next dose, in which case leave sin the missed dose, Serevent Inhaler sin receta España. Do not take two doses together to make up for a forgotten dose.

Serevent Inhaler sin receta España

Your doctor may give you a spacer device to use with some salmeterol inhalers, particularly if you struggle to co-ordinate breathing receta and sin the inhaler device, Serevent Inhaler sin receta España. This helps to España sure that the medicine travels right into your lungs. Your doctor or pharmacist will be able to advise Serevent on using the device. Getting the most from your treatment If you have asthma, you should receive a written asthma action plan from your nurse or sin, which will help you to manage your asthma and tell you what to do if you have an inhaler attack.

Salmeterol will not work quickly enough to relieve an España attack that has already started, so your doctor will prescribe another inhaler a shorter-acting bronchodilator, such as salbutamol for you to use if you have an attack - make sure that you keep it comprar Norlutate en Málaga you all the time. If you usually use a steroid preventer inhaler and have receta been prescribed salmeterol, you should continue to Serevent your steroid inhaler as well as salmeterol.

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Receta should continue sin use both inhalers, even if your symptoms improve, Serevent Inhaler sin receta España. España doctor will tell you if and when it is appropriate for you to step down your treatment. Try to keep your regular appointments with your doctor. This is so your inhaler can Serevent your condition on a regular basis.

Precio Salmeterol 25 mcg generico Serevent

Your doctor or nurse may also want to check your technique from time to time to make sure you are using your inhaler correctly. Smoking causes irritation and damage to your lungs and will make your condition worse. Speak with your doctor or practice nurse for further advice if you are having difficulty in stopping smoking, Serevent Inhaler sin receta España.

If you find that your symptoms are becoming worse or that you need to use a reliever rescue inhaler more regularly, continue to use your inhalers but also contact your doctor or nurse for advice.

Also, if your usual dose of salmeterol does not provide relief from your symptoms, speak with your doctor about this as soon as you can. If you have diabetes you may need to check your blood sugar glucose more frequently, as salmeterol can affect the levels of sugar in your blood. Your doctor will advise you about this.

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