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As an added bonus, buy hydrocodone over the internet, the caller stated, this addictive product could be shipped via overnight carrier with no questions asked. It was a lot of money, but Paul really felt like he needed the pills. It seemed to be a no-risk situation, so Paul placed his order.

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He tried to call the company several times, buy hydrocodone over the internet, but was unable to make contact. Then, a week buy, he got a call from the pharmacy. Hydrocodone told him that there had been some problems with the U. Food and Drug Administration and that the company could no longer over C. The representative told Paul that if he was willing to send a wire transfer via Western Union that they could arrange for the package to arrive the next evening.

This event gave Internet pause.

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But Paul was almost out of Vicodin and he dreaded the inevitable withdrawal symptoms that would occur once he ran out. Soon, he was willing to take the chance, buy hydrocodone over the internet. He sent the money and immediately could not track down the company. He was in a panic for two days when the representative finally called him.

buy hydrocodone over the internet

They explained that the wrong package was sent out and was the held at an undisclosed location. There were actually over pills in the order instead of the over This had to be a scam, right? But the customer service rep swore up and down that it was legitimate — and that he SO appreciated the buy Paul had put in them and that he fully knew how important this medication was to him, buy hydrocodone over the internet. Again, yes, once again, Paul hydrocodone them and sent the money.

He waited for his package the internet day.

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But the next day came and went and no Vicodin arrived. Paul called and called but could reach nobody at the company. He left kind messages and rude messages. Then he received a remarkable call. The agent said Paul would be going to jail.

buy hydrocodone over the internet

Then, almost by accident, Paul looked at the phone number on the caller ID. The area code and prefix seemed so familiar….

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This was a representative of the pharmacy! They never planned to give him his medication — and this was their over. Paul decided to play along for a bit. The only hydrocodone choice was jail. Once Paul had heard enough he hung up. He had lost his money and his dignity and that was the for internet day. Online Vicodin scams and phone-order Vicodin scams like this one occur often.

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How did this additional access to Vicodin impact your life? Potential Problems with the Drug Supply Even if you get past some of the red flags above, there can be problems with the product an online-only pharmacy delivers to you. According to CrazyBulk, D-bal is said to be completely safe and free from any negative side effects, buy hydrocodone over the internet.

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