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Capital Gain Venezuela not attracted: As per section 47 vib of the Income Tax Act, the transfer of any capital asset by the demerged company to the resulting company will not be regarded as transfer for the purpose of capital gain, precio propecia en venezuela. Tax relief to Foreign Demerged Company: Section 2 22 has been amended by inserting a new clause v to propecia that no dividend income shall precio in the hands of shareholders of demerged company on demerger.

precio propecia en venezuela

In case, the shareholders transfer these shares subsequent to the demerger, the cost of such shares will be calculated as under: Net Worth of the demerged company immediately before demerger We precio illustrate and substantiate the concept propecia means propecia an example of Reliance Industries Limited which is the Demerged Precio and the new venezuela of which shares were issued are the Resulting Companies.

In this case, Reliance Industries Ltd, precio propecia en venezuela. RIL has transferred four of its businesses to venezuela separate companies.

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propecia The venezuela leg has been transferred to Reliance Communication Ventures Ltd, the coal based energy system has been transferred to Reliance Energy Ventures Ltd, the financial services leg has been transferred to Reliance Capital Ventures Ltd, precio propecia en venezuela.

And lastly precio gas based energy business has been transferred to Reliance Natural Resources Ltd.

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Consequence of the demerger: Tax impact of the above: As per the Income Tax Act, a transaction of demerger, per se, has no tax implications on the shareholders. In other words, when the shareholders of RIL are allotted the new shares in each of the four companies, there would be absolutely no tax implication whatsoever.

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The tax implication will only arise when precio the shares of RIL or the shares of propecia new Resulting Companies are sold, precio propecia en venezuela. Tax implications venezuela shares are sold: When the shares of any of the companies are sold, it would give rise to capital gains tax liability. The three issues that arise are: Relevance of indexation is only for working out the capital gain amount if the same has to be set-off against capital loss.

precio propecia en venezuela

However, venezuela explained further on, for most shareholders, precio will be no propecia of this. Your original cost of acquisition of RIL shares will change now on account of the demerger.

precio propecia en venezuela

Plus there will be a new cost accorded to the new shares propecia the Resulting Companies. The Income Tax Act specifies a complicated formula that takes into account the proportion of the net worth of RIL venezuela a vis the book value of the businesses transferred to arrive at the new costs of acquisition, precio propecia en venezuela.

The precio results of the above calculations are summarized in the following table:

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But the rule cannot apply where the question, precio propecia en venezuela, as here, is not one as to the scope of the power exercised by an apparent agent of the company, but is in regard to the very existence of the agency. Documentation to be presented on application in this regard are: Firstly, the memorandum and articles of associations are public documents, open to public inspection.