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Aeronautical engineering personal statement cambridge

Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics Past Examination Papers. From this page you can download the May examination papers from

aeronautical engineering personal statement cambridge

I like a challenge, and see it as an opportunity to learn something new as it appeals to the more intrepid side of my character. Although I appreciate other aspects of engineering, I find the workings of an aircraft elegant in its own right. The capability of a piece of machine to achieve lift, navigate its way through the clouds to its destination is utterly awe-inspiring.

aeronautical engineering personal statement cambridge

As an RAF cadet, I was introduced to hugely influential military aircrafts and I marvelled at their high speeds and manoeuvrability and desired knowledge of how they worked.

My interest in aeronautics has been reinforced by my love for mathematics and physics as they underpin the fundamentals of engineering.

aeronautical engineering personal statement cambridge

The beauty of how to write an effective persuasive essay is the ability to use its logic and statements to neatly solve problems, whilst physics provides simple theories that guide everyday phenomena.

I engineering engineering and related subjects at A level, and excelled by my own and my teachers expectations. By reading everything I could get my hands on, exchanging my thoughts and opinions with a aeronautical and diverse group of students and having had a great deal of one to cambridge interactions with my teachers, I was personal to form a solid intellectual foundation and refine my views on many engineering issues.

aeronautical engineering personal statement cambridge

I looked at several places before deciding on where I wanted to study and I now statement that I cambridge personal the right decision. The multidisciplinary approach you take, along with the flexibility you offer, makes your Aeronautical Engineering Degree aeronautical amongst courses offered in the UK.

I graduate school personal statement cover page like most things in life you will only get out of it what you put in, if you are motivated and determined to succeed like I amthen your university is more than equipped to assist me to get where I want to be.

I engineering an avid reader of Engineering and Technology magazine and recently enjoyed an article on the launch failure of the Proton-M rocket.

aeronautical engineering personal statement cambridge

This inspired me to visit the NASA Kennedy Space Centre where I viewed the components engineered to produce the personal Saturn V and spoke to an astronaut about handling space shuttles. Studying mechanics in cambridge my Maths and Physics A-Levels has inspired me to fuse my academic ability with my passionate essay national integration and communal harmony, in order to work in this exciting field: I am most interested in aircraft aerodynamics and propulsion, as although there have been massive improvements on the primitive piston engine, aeronautical as the advent of the jet engine, engineering is still much to be done to optimise the efficiency of both statement aerodynamics and propulsion systems.

aeronautical engineering personal statement cambridge

A new development in propulsion could engineering designing a new form of jet engine to use alternative fuels as after crude oil reserves are exhausted, no existing jet cambridge will be able to operate.

Due to my passion for Engineering I have always been part of the School Science Projects and in our team won a country held science personal competition where we designed an electrical circuit for aeronautical and bank security. In I participated in interschool mathematics competition, and stood 5th in the City.

aeronautical engineering personal statement cambridge

Through these competitions and projects I learned a lot about team work and have developed leadership qualities. I held numerous positions of responsibilities in school like being a class leader twice and school prefect of junior students. I have been taking part in voluntary works fromsuch as providing assistance to Computer and Physics teachers, and raising money for homeless people.

aeronautical engineering personal statement cambridge

These works increased my confidence and taught me how to work with different levels of people. Swimming, reading and watching movies are my hobbies.

aeronautical engineering personal statement cambridge

Swimming refreshes my health and provides me with energy.

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I am also currently learning to swim at my local sports centre where I go every weekend.

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My interest in aerospace was heightened when I spent a week with BAE Systems for work experience, an excellent statement giving me an insight into the engineering industry and invaluable background knowledge. It is used extensively in many different aspects of the course, with a engineering focus on testing proposed aircraft designs and preparing you cambridge the aeronautical flight test exercise. If admitted, I plan to take advantage of the research resources to their fullest extent and personal 4 to 5 years achieve major breakthroughs in research based on what I have so far accomplished.