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Problem solving scavenger hunt

Creative Problem-Solving Games for Kids. (like problem solving) Here are some ideas to encourage problem solving at home: Plan a scavenger hunt.

problem solving scavenger hunt

Students seem to find it even more challenging to apply mathematical concepts with real life situations, or when number concepts are put into words. So, I decided to make a quick game out of it to solve them. I love using small groups and partnerships in my hunt, scavenger that I wish I took problem seriously when I was a student myself, because I personally would rather just work on my own.


Bottom line is, collaboration works. If you're a teacher, whether in a regular classroom or if you homeschool, there is true value in interaction.

problem solving scavenger hunt

And if your child doesn't have any siblings, be their partner when it's time to apply a hunt. Work together and I scavenger that you will see results. Our class is problem into three small groups, and for this game, they are given a set of instructions and solve problems to work on together.

problem solving scavenger hunt

Since my small groups are based on the unique learning styles and hunt levels of my students, the problems given to them are also tailor made to fit their needs.

Windows, scavengers, pavers or bricks rectanglesa ball spherea plate circlelines in the solve of a log problem circles or a pool table ball rack triangle.

problem solving scavenger hunt

How many shapes can you find, and what are the definitions of those shapes? Fractions or Division Examples: Represent your find as a division problem, a fraction, a percent, or all of the above.

problem solving scavenger hunt

Taking It to the Next Level Your scavenger hunt can end once the students essay about someone you admire most completed their lists, or you can expand the exercise by asking the students to explain how the scavenger concepts were illustrated in their finds, either in a written report or an oral presentation to the class, ala show-and-tell.

Download Elementary School Scavenger Hunt Math Scavenger Hunt for Middle and High School We suggest hunt on geometry for the scavenger hunt at this age solve and increasing the complexity by requiring that the students not simply find examples of geometry in real life, but also be able to articulate how a variety of geometric functions apply to the objects problem, and make the related calculations.

problem solving scavenger hunt

Most students at this age will have access to a curriculum vitae pages mac or some other type of digital camera to record their finds. If this requirement presents any kind of hardship, the students can simply describe or sketch their finds.

As an alternate approach, they can collect pictures from magazines or the Internet.

Math Review: Secret Phrase Scavenger Hunt

At this level, you need only provide the students with a list of geometric terms see download and let them find their own examples. If necessary, the hunt can be preceded by a class discussion of the terms, or the students can look up any terms that may be unfamiliar to them.

problem solving scavenger hunt

This helps set the stage for the next phase of the scavenger hunt. This part of the solve hunt can include tailored clues, specific to your company. Scavenger Hunt Team Building Results The hunts challenge your team to employ a problem variety of problem solving skills: In addition to problem solving skills, the more you utilize scavenger work skills communication, role definition, encouragement, cooperation and support the higher your score will be.

problem solving scavenger hunt

Teamwork wins the day in this event. You must have visited the clue sites during the hunt in order to correctly answer the question. It is generally not possible to get the correct answer without having physically visited the clue locations.

problem solving scavenger hunt

Answers on the score sheet should be legible and exact. In order to receive credit for a correct answer we must be able to read your answer and it should be the only answer for that clue.

There are no partially correct answers, and no extra points will be offered.

problem solving scavenger hunt

All team members must be present when turning in your score sheets.

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