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Capital letters and full stops homework - BBC - Schools - Teachers - KS2 English - Punctuation lesson plan

Mar 11,  · My Year 6 are utterly hopeless (careless) at correcting texts with missing capital letters and full stops. I need texts such as: it was late when I.

capital letters and full stops homework

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capital letters and full stops homework

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capital letters and full stops homework

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capital letters and full stops homework

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capital letters and full stops homework

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capital letters and full stops homework

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capital letters and full stops homework

Explain that the snails are special snails that turn into full stops. Class to read the first college essay defining success and to tell the teacher where the full stop should be. Teacher to model clicking and dragging the snail, pointing out that they must use the target to place the snail correctly. At end of first game, replay, allowing pupils to read, click and drag.

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Ask the pupils to come to the front of the class and arrange themselves so that their words make a sentence - make sure the pupil with the full stop finds the end of the sentence! Class to read sentence - is the full stop in the correct place?

capital letters and full stops homework

Repeat with other cut up sentences sentence 2 A4 pdfsentence 3 A4 pdf and other pupils. Literacy Homework Using the prepared worksheet A4 pdfteacher to ask pupils to read the sentences then to add the full stop in the correct place.

Teacher to show full stop card A4 pdf.

capital letters and full stops homework

Explain to pupils that they will now play the game on their computers working with a partner. Pupils to play the reading game, taking turns to read the sentence then click and drag the snail.

capital letters and full stops homework
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