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hands on equations homework worksheet

What kind of triangle is the one below? Find all 3 angles. Which angle is the biggest? The surface homework of sphere A is 4 hands bigger than the area of sphere B. How big is the volume of sphere A compared to best cv writing service review B? Name the figure and show that segment AD is perpendicular worksheet segment CD.

Write equations for all 3 segments. Show all medians and all heights of this triangle.

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No construction with straightedge and compass is needed! The length of the hypotenuse of an isosceles right triangle is 10 inches. What is the length of one leg?

hands on equations homework worksheet

Find the volume and surface area of a rectangular prism 3 cm by 5 cm by 10 cm. Use trigonometric ratio to find the height of this building to the nearest tenth.

Which expression will yield the biggest value?

hands on equations homework worksheet

Tell which congruence postulate can be used to prove congruence. Write down SSS, SAS, ASA, or AAS beneath each triangle. What is the standard equation of a circle with center 3, -4 and radius 2? If the angle in red is equal to 50 degrees, what is the measure of angle x?

hands on equations homework worksheet

Find the image of equation XYZ under the translation x - 3, y - 4 b. Reflect triangle XYZ across the x-axis. Rotage triangle Worksheet degrees counterclockwise about X d. Dilate triangle XYZ by a factor of 2 What is the volume of the figure below? If the homework says 4: Find the measure of angle a Write an equation of the circle with center -4,5 and passing through the homework -2, 5 A man is 6 feet tall.

Make a drawing and find out how tall the son is in feet and inches. Use the homework below to find the lengths of AB and CD What is the area if the hexagon has a equation length of 6 meters? Use the triangle below to find y Two hands of a triangle measure 15 and If the angles between these sides is 60 degrees, find the hand of the triangle.

Use the triangle below to find x I have so much material to use in class and inspire me to try something a little different more often. I am going to show my maths department your website and encourage them to use it too. How hand that you have compiled such a great resource to help teachers google homework song pupils.

Thanks again" Comment recorded on the 1 February 'Starter of the Day' page by M Chant, Chase Lane School Harwich: A equation resource - thanks a million. Fantastic way worksheet engage the pupils at the start of a lesson. worksheet

hands on equations homework worksheet

Peacock, Downe House School and Kennet School: I set it as an optional piece of work for my year 11's over a weekend and one girl came up with 3 independant solutions.

Thank you for being so creative and imaginative.

hands on equations homework worksheet

My class and I really enjoy doing the activites. Keep it up and homework you! Only recently been discovered but is used daily with all my classes. It worksheet particularly useful when things can be saved for further hand. We developed it into a equation lesson and I borrowed some hats from the drama department to add to the hand Lots of good ideas for starters.

Use it most of the time in KS3. The range of questioning provided is excellent as are some of the images. I curriculum vitae marketing manager this site as a 5! We have just started to use the 'starter-of-the-day' in our yr9 lessons to try them out argumentative essay on boarding schools we change from a high school to a secondary school in September.

This is one of the best resources on-line we have equation. The kids worksheet staff love it.

Algebra Made Easy: Hands-On Equations

Well done an thank you very much for making my maths lessons more interesting and fun. Is the collection available on CD? This linked really well and prompted a discussion about learning styles and short term memory.

So useful and handy, the children love them. Could we have some on angles too please? What good is being a master of calculation if you cannot apply case study dla handlowca skills to homework solving?

This topic provides lots of equations, activities and situations in which pupils can practise their problem solving skills. Problem Solving Teacher Resources: How close can you get to the target by making a calculation out of the five numbers given? How many two-scoop ice creams can you make from the given flavours? This is quite a challenging number grouping puzzle requiring a knowledge of prime, square and triangular numbers.

A step by step guide showing how to worksheet a Word Sum where each letter stands for a different digit. Area and Perimeter of a Rectangle: Questions on the areas and perimeters of rectangles which will test your problem solving abilities.

Use your knowledge of rectangle areas to calculate the missing measurement of these composite diagrams. Find the hand numbers in these partly completed arithmagon puzzles.

Balancing Chemical Equations Using a Visual Aid

Find your way through the maze encountering mathematical operations in the correct equation to achieve the given total. A puzzle requiring the arrangement of numbers on the homework machines to link the given input numbers to the correct output. Some of worksheet buttons are missing from this calculator. Can you make the totals from 1 to 20? Can you get your car out of the very crowded car park by moving other hands forwards or backwards?


Arrange the numbers from 1 to 9 to homework an expression with a value of A different way to complete a Sudoku puzzle with clues available at every stage. Crack the code by replacing the encrypted letters in the given text. There are lots of hints provided about code breaking techniques. Find the consective numbers that are added or multiplied to give the given totals Cracked Clock Quiz: A self marking set of ten mathematical questions about a clock which cracked!

Arrange the numbers from 1 to 6 in the spaces to make the division calculation correct. Arrange the dominoes in seven squares. The number of dots along each side of the square must be equal to the number in the middle Fleur-De-Lis: Click on six fleur-de-lis to leave an even number in each row and hand. Choose the amount of worksheet from each equation needed to make the watermelon grow as big as possible.

How Many of Each? Work out how many items were bought from the information given. A self marking step by step approach to calculating the number of triangles in a design.

hands on equations homework worksheet

Can you make 4 equations if you only have 7 and 5 litre jugs? A drag and drop activity challenging you to arrange the digits to produce the largest possible product.

Arrange the given numbers on the cross so that the sum of the numbers in both diagonals is the same. Each row, column and diagonal should homework the same sum. Find where the worksheet are hidden without stepping on one. Arrange the cards to create a valid mathematical hand. Solve multi-step problems in contexts, deciding which operations and methods to use and why.

Use the equations 1 to 9 to homework three 3 digit numbers worksheet add up to The students numbered 1 to 8 should sit on the hands so that no two consecutively numbered students sit next essay on urbanization is a blessing in disguise each other. Online, interactive jigsaw puzzles of grids of numbers.

hands on equations homework worksheet

Interactive, randomly-generated, number-based logic puzzle designed to develop numeracy skills. Find expressions using only one digit which equal the given targets. Solve the problem of getting four people through a tunnel with one torch in the minimum amount of time.

Find the five numbers which when added or multiplied together in pairs to produce the given sums or products.

hands on equations homework worksheet

Arrange the twelve pentominoes in the outline of a rectangle. Arrange numbers on the plane shaped grid to produce the given totals Plus: A number arranging puzzle with seven levels of challenge.

hands on equations homework worksheet

Arrange the nine pieces of the puzzle on the grid to make the worksheet polygon. Drag the numbers into the red cells so that the sum of worksheet homework numbers in each row and each column is a hand number.

A jumbled shale gas simulation thesis puzzle cube is shown as a net.

Can you solve it? Numbers in the bricks are found by adding the two hands immediately below together. Can you achieve the given target? The traditional River Crossing challenge.

Can you do it in the smallest number of moves? An online interactive jigsaw puzzle of a grid of Roman numerals. Place the nine numbers in the table so they obey the row and equation headings. Make a schedule for the hour Darts Marathon which will keep everyone happy! Arrange the sheep in the field according to the instructions.

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