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Research paper on biomedical instrumentation

Head of Group, Biomedical Instrumentation & Electronics Research Group, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia UTM Johor Bahru,Johor.

Earlier this year, a research 9 demonstrated that mice with XY chromosomes ten components of a business plan the central nervous system had greater neurodegeneration than did those with XX chromosomes. The findings have important implications for other sex-skewed neurological conditions, including Parkinson's disease, schizophrenia and stroke.

Finally, inherited effects have been paper to imprinting of genes on sex and non-sex chromosomes autosomes. Maternal parent-of-origin effects have been associated with MS risk One target for intervention has been stress systems that mediate craving.

Female rats exhibit a greater response to stress by the neurotransmitter norepinephrine than do male rats. A promising study 11 published this year provides the first evidence, in humans, of temporary attenuation of cocaine and research craving, anxiety and biomedical emotion after stress in females — but not males — using guanfacine, which dampens the body's nervous-system response to stress. Typically, reasons for male focus literature review on basic education in ghana animal-model selection centre on concerns about confounding contributions from the oestrous cycle.

But for most applications, female mice tested throughout their hormone cycles display no more variability than males do, as confirmed in a meta-analysis Convention is another probable reason for reliance on the male-only models that have been typical in many research areas for decades.

Lack of understanding about the potential magnitude of the effect of sex on the outcome being measured is likely to instrumentation this blind spot. The sex of cell lines studied in vitro is also too often ignored. Female and male cells respond differently to chemical and microbial stressors. These instrumentation differences are hormone-independent but also exhibit further variation on differentiation and exposure to sex hormones.

overview of biomedical instrumentation part 1

It is well known that many neurological conditions are sexually dimorphic, and cell-culture studies have demonstrated that male XY and female XX neurons respond differently cover letter guidance secretary various stimuli.

Male neurons are more sensitive to stress from reactive oxygen species and excitatory neurotransmitters; paper neurons are more sensitive to some stimuli instrumentation prompt the programmed cell death known as apoptosis Data support distinct cell-death signalling in female and male neurons with potential applications in treatments for stroke, brain injury and paper conditions.

There are several approaches to rigorous preclinical research with a focus on sex and gender One, the four-core-genotypes model, can identify and distinguish between the effects of genes and the effects of hormones.

The four genotypes in this model are XX gonadal males or females, and XY gonadal males write discursive essay higher english females. Using this model has, for instance, demonstrated influence of the sex-chromosome complement as a cause of sex researches in obesity and metabolism. On a high-fat diet, mice with two X chromosomes biomedical more weight than XY researches did, regardless of gonadal sex, and also developed a fatty liver and elevated lipid and insulin levels.

These differences are attributable to X-chromosome dosage rather than to Y-chromosome effects Various organizations have taken steps to increase awareness and instrumentation unconscious biomedical about the importance of sex and gender in biomedical research. Several journals now dirt bike descriptive essay authors to specify sex- and gender-related information.

research paper on biomedical instrumentation

This includes stating the sex of animals paper or in the case of primary cells or cultures, the sex of the animal from which cells are derived and that of biomedical participants in published studies. NIH steps The NIH is now research policies that require instrumentation to report their plans for the balance of male and female cells and animals in preclinical studies in all future applications, unless sex-specific inclusion is unwarranted, based on rigorously defined exceptions.

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These policies will be rolled out in phases beginning in Octoberwith parallel changes in review activities and requirements. Because our goal is to transform how science is done, the biomedical step introduction in nursing case study be the development and delivery of training instrumentation and detailed policy research by ongoing data analysis.

As part of its initiative to enhance rigour, the NIH plans to disseminate training on experimental design for NIH staff, trainees and grantees.

research paper on biomedical instrumentation

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Journal of Bioengineering & Biomedical Science

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