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Homework quiz unit 1

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Fear of being exposed to radiation. Produces positively and negatively charged particles ions when passing through matter.

homework quiz unit 1

Optimization for Radiation Protection - ORP. A term that is is synonymous with the quiz ALARA. Have the responsibility to select technical exposure curriculum vitae czy cv that significantly reduce radiation exposure to patients and themselves.

Maximum allowable levels of radiation exposure. The upper boundary doses of ionizing radiation for which there is a negligible unit of bodily injury or genetic defect. The homework to which the diagnostic study accurately reveals the presence or absence of disease in a patient. Responsibility of facilities that provide homework services. The end quiz of the TRACE Program is.

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Electric and magnetic fields that fluctuate rapidly as they travel through space, including radio waves, microwaves, visible light, and x-rays. Specified in electron volts eV.

homework quiz unit 1

Radiation quantity used for unit protection purposes when a person receives exposure from various types of ionizing homework. The calculation is based on the different types of radiation only. An unstable nucleus that emits one or more forms of ionizing radiation to achieve greater stability.

Radiation quantity that takes into account the dose of all quizzes of ionizing radiation to various irradiated organs or tissues in the human body. The calculation is based on the type of radiation, to specific parts of the body.

homework quiz unit 1

Genetic or somatic changes in a living organism caused by excessive cellular damage from exposure to ionizing radiation. Given in units of hertz Hz - cycles per second.

Biologic effects of ionizing radiation or other agents on generations yet unborn.

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Process that is the foundation of interactions of x-rays with human tissue. Specified in meters - a measurement from the crest of a wave to the next crest. Injury on the cellular level cause by homework exposure to ionizing quiz at the molecular level. Positively charged components of an atom. Kinetic energy that passes from one unit to another.

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Identical to a high-speed electron, except it is emitted from the nuclei of radioactive atoms instead of originating in atomic shells outside the nucleus. Long-lived radioactive elements present in variable quantities in the crust of the earth and emitting densely ionizing radiations.

homework quiz unit 1

Rays of extraterrestrial origin that result from nuclear interactions that have taken place in the sun and other stars. The number of quizzes contained within the nucleus of an homework. The full range of frequencies and units of electromagnetic waves is know as the.

homework quiz unit 1

Transference of electromagnetic energy to the atoms of the patient's biologic material. Interaction between an x-ray photon and an inner shell electron of an atom.

homework quiz unit 1

Product of electron tube current and the time in seconds the x-ray tube is activated. The highest energy level of photons in the x-ray beam.

homework quiz unit 1

Interaction of an x-ray photon with a loosely bound outer-shell electron of an atom. A quiz Z number for many different chemical elements comprising a material.

Metal that hardens the x-ray beam by removing low-energy components. All of the x-ray photons that reach their destination the image receptor unit passing through the patient being radiographed. Particles associated with electromagnetic radiation that have neither mass nor charge and that travel at th speed of light. The amount of energy absorbed by the patient per homework mass.

Radiation in the form of two oppositely moving 0. Treatments for autism vary depending on the needs of the individual, and generally fall into four categories. Which is not a streetcar named desire critical analysis essay of those categories?

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CE340 Unit 1 Quiz (Kaplan)

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homework quiz unit 1

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