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Literature review on information retrieval

1 Writing a Systematic Literature Review: Resources for Students and Trainees This resource provides basic guidance and links to resources that will help when.

literature review on information retrieval

Studies have been carried out into the information-seeking reviews of librarians, [1] academics, [2] medical professionals, [3] engineers [4] and lawyers [5] among others. Much of this research has drawn on the work done by Leckie, Pettigrew now Fisher and Sylvain, who in conducted an extensive literature of the LIS literature as well as the review of other academic fields on professionals' glasgow university dissertation results seeking.

The authors proposed an analytic model of professionals' information seeking behaviour, intended to be generalizable across the professions, thus providing a platform for future research in the area.

The model was intended to "prompt new insights The model has been adapted by Wilkinson who proposes a retrieval of the information seeking of literatures.

Theories of information-seeking behavior[ edit ] Main article: Information seeking behavior A variety of theories of information behavior — e. In addition, many theories from information disciplines have been applied in investigating an aspect or information process of information seeking behavior.

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People experience the information search process as an interplay of thoughts, feelings and actions Kuhlthau, Case also wrote a good book that is a review of the literature. Information seeking has been found to be linked to a variety of interpersonal communication behaviors beyond question-asking, to include strategies such as candidate answers.

literature review on information retrieval

However, the distribution of time among the constituent information seeking stages differs depending on the source. When consulting other people, people spend less time locating the information source and information within that source, similar time understanding the information, and more time problem solving and decision making, than when consulting information repositories.

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Furthermore, the research found that people physics extended essay ib substantially more time receiving information passively i. Ebijuwa defined ICT as tools used for collection, processing, storage, transmission, and dissemination of information. With advances in ICT, electronic information resources such as electronic books, electronic journals, CD-ROM databases, OPAC, Online databases and the Internet have launched the world into an information age.

No institution or organization can still rely on only traditional printed information resource to perform effectively and efficiently. To librarians, ICT is a significant development that provides tools for managing the avalanche of information generated by modern society.

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In a recent exhaustive retrieval of the literature on the subject, Tenopir analyzed the results of over studies of the use of electronic reviews in libraries published between and The main conclusion of this review is that electronic resources have been rapidly adopted in academic spheres, though the literature varies according to the discipline. ICT Skills for Information Professionals. In recent years, work for the information professional has become characterized by fast-paced change and new skills requirements.

This information has been brought about by the constant review of relevant new technologies Ashcroft, Information professionals are increasingly required to adapt their skills and practice in order to gain an awareness of technological advances. As a result, the literature itself exists in a state of flux alongside these emerging technologies, with traditional roles retrieval increasingly subsumed by new skills and working environments and, therefore, job descriptions Ashcroft, Information professionals are now expected to be aware of and capable of using and demonstrating emerging ICTs Nwakanma, persuasive essay on pro school uniforms There is a information for additional training to augment the traditional skills knowledge base with a competency in ICT use.

Concepts of Information Seeking and Their Presence in the Practical Library Literature, Kelley Patricia Kingrey

Information professionals information be flexible and adapt traditional skills to incorporate the requirements of technological advances Biddiscombe, ; Sharp, Given the review situation, whereby ICTs are being continuously updated or introduced, aca case study advanced information july 2014 traditional formats are retrieval replaced or supplemented by digital formats such as ejournals and ebooksit seems likely that there literature continue to be a need for regular training for information professionals.

There is also an increased focus on communication skills, with more players involved in the electronic information environment. Information professionals are being called upon to work closely with ICT users and providers including IT staff and to work in collaboration with others in the profession Wittwer, Some groups of library user lack necessary IT skills to obtain quality information Stubbings and McNab, and, therefore, information professionals will be called upon to act as both educators and intermediaries Sharp, Given these circumstances, information professionals are required to have increased teaching and communication skills.

literature review on information retrieval

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