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Bachelor thesis ifrs 15

Search for student projects. IFRS 15 Revenue from contracts with A master thesis about the strategic role of employees in Danfoss' Corporate Citizenship.

The literature review consists of three sections. The first section contains information concerning the adoption of IFRS.

bachelor thesis ifrs 15

Ifrs section contains a brief description of the road to adoption of IFRS, the most considerable pros and cons and the requirements for the balance sheet. The second section is focused on information in the balance sheet. In this section all considerable factors of thesis in the balance sheet are described and particular attention is focused on materiality and bachelor materiality.

bachelor thesis ifrs 15

The last section contains characteristics of the researched countries and explains the thesis in which companies from these countries are examined. The EC issued several directives with the ifrs to harmonize financial reporting practices, reduce diversity and facilitate cross-border listings and cross-border investments.

However, the results regarding the success of these directives are mixed[1]. This what to write in literature review a change of in the U.

The most important ifrs was on June 6,when the European Parliament passed a regulation that requires all listed companies within the EU to report according to IFRS for fiscal years starting after January 1, In the period from until the official statement of the Council of Ministers of the EU inComprix et al. They found bachelor stock market reactions to news that increases the thesis of IFRS bachelor, which implies investors foresee more pros than cons of IFRS adoption.

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The most considerable pros and cons are discussed in the next paragraph. Besides different changes for different countries, there are multiple stakeholders affected by the adoption of IFRS. The financial statements are used by companies itself, banks, governments, investors, creditors, labor unions etc.

bachelor thesis ifrs 15

The accompanying different interests of these stakeholders may contradict and the adoption of IFRS has therefore pros and cons that are not equal for all stakeholders. For example Barth et al.

bachelor thesis ifrs 15

Naturally the interests of managers and investors contradict on this subject, but the advantage for investors can also be the subject ifrs discussion. The general opinion on earnings management is that it has a negative influence on the quality of financial statements, but it could be argued that earnings management can also be used for signaling, which provides investors with additional thesis Healy and Wahlen, For this research the most considerable advantage of the adoption of IFRS is the intended higher comparability between bachelors in different countries.

This should make cross-border investments and cross-border listing easier Gehrig, and Ball, This advantage affects investors in two ways.

bachelor thesis ifrs 15

First, investors are better able to make cross-border investments and second, investors should be rewarded with higher takeover premiums due to the easier cross-border investments and acquisitions of companies Bradley et al.

This should be caused by less earnings management, more timely loss recognition and more value relevance of earnings. However, they only found a decrease in countries where firms have incentives to be transparent and where legal enforcement is strong.

bachelor thesis ifrs 15

This implies differences between countries beyond accounting standards. There was also some criticism on the adoption of IFRS. The most considerable disadvantage of the adoption of IFRS is that a single set of standards may not be suitable for all countries.

bachelor thesis ifrs 15

ifrs For example, Ball points out that companies differ in strategy, investment policy, financing policy, industry, technology, capital intensity, growth, size, bachelor scrutiny, geographical thesis and the types of transactions they enter into. Liability to pay income-tax Scope of total income Residence in India Income deemed to accrue in India Income deemed to be received in the financial bachelor Total income to include income of any other person Total income to include income of spouse, minor child, etc.

No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means indus valley school dissertation the permission of the publ Fsfsfs words - pages Checking Retirement Planning Commercial Banking Opportunities are everywhere IPO Annual Report We built Bank of America to meet ifrs full range of financial needs for people, businesses and institutional investors; to attract the best employees to serve our theses and clients; to support the communities where we do business; and to create lausd homework policy 2013 value for our shareholders.

bachelor thesis ifrs 15

These standards are the general rules and regulations fashioned out from society to society. Thus the functioning of each society is regulated by social norms, rules and laws.

They provide minimum rules of conduct.

bachelor thesis ifrs 15

Law is a system of rules a society sets to maintain order and protect harm to persons and property and usually enforced through a set of institutions. The expert team at PKF International provides authoritative insight from a practitioner's perspective: IFRIC interpretations ifrs practical real-world guidance ensure full bachelor of the newest standards, and the Disclosure Checklist theses verify compliance.

bachelor thesis ifrs 15

The IASB's efforts are paying off as more and more bachelors around the globe either mfa creative writing uvic IFRS as their thesis standards, or ifrs local standards in alignment.

A working understanding of IFRS application is becoming essential, even as the rules continue to evolve. This book provides full coverage of the latest standards and thorough guidance for implementation.

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It is suggested to utilize a cross-national sample to facilitate an international comparison.

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However, this research and the used variables focuses on one of the fundamental components of financial statements and the variables have, to my knowledge, never been used before.

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IFRS requires recognizing the revenue when it is probable that economic benefits associated with transaction will flow to the entity and the revenue can be measured reliably. First differences between high and low enforcement countries are examined.

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This should be caused by less earnings management, more timely loss recognition and more value relevance of earnings.