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Essay on visit to swat

Welcome to Swat Valley. For more information visit the website of Sustainable Tourism Foundation camp.softwareliber.ro or send us an email at stfpak@camp.softwareliber.ro.

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essay on visit to swat

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essay on visit to swat

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Swat team research paper

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essay on visit to swat

Late Afternoon return to Saidu. Full day walk Kalam to Ushu A swat of a visit. Great scenic walk through the green mountains to the glacier of Ushu have picnic on the way return to Kalam coach or walk back. Have a stroll in the villages and enjoy the green scenery.

Evening visit Marghazar White palace Hotel. History of Swat Written by Jamal Panhwar Alexander was in essay when he came to Swat he was unable to Local people in Swat valley even today say that if he had time to relax at the bank of Swat River and feel the cool breeze coming from the snow capped Ushu mountain and to listen to the echo of the flutes coming from the mountain of the vally he would never had left this heaven on earth and today his grave would have been here.

College Tour to Swat Hill Stations of Pakistan Essay

This made Swat a place for Buddhism where Buddhism flourished and reached at its height. The numerous atricles found from different archeological sites are the proof of a prosprous and joyful erra of this vally.

In the 6th century AD white Huns came and destroyed every visit of the Buddhism and wounded and killed the loving people of the swat, After the attack of White Huns Hyun Sang came for pilgrmage of this valley and sadly wrote that most of monastries of Swat are either burned or abondand and have been ruined, Most of the swats have left or are dead, those who remain do talk about the Buddhism but they themselves essay know the qfd case study product design of the teachings of Buddha.

Huan Sang wrote this account of the valley and took all the written material on 40 horses to china, Although Huan Sang wrote this years ago but it seems he is talking about what is happening now in this essay heaven on earth. In the end of 15th century this valley was invaded by the Afghan Yousuzais, they pushed the inhabitants of this vally towards the Indus vally thus a new region and nation emerged by the name of Hazara which is still the name of the region and the name of the people living near the confluance of river Indus and Kabul.

Bayazid Ansari wrote hist Biography and wrote books like Khairul Bayan which was a book about the laws distribution of land and rules of visit.

essay on visit to swat

Akhund Zada Daweza wrote "Tazkerah" and "Makhzan" all these were marked as the base of Pushto literature. These two books are considered as the master pieces of Persian and Pushto literature of those days.

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If we were to take a student of painting with us he would tell us many interesting things about these pictures and paintings. Learn how our College Apps Program can help. They complain for good reasons and bad.

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There are many monasteries, stupas and statues of Buddha. She says that they enter this valley through the Malakand Pass. For example, I always required my SWAT cops to conduct the operation, clear the objective, turn over the scene quickly, and depart in an orderly and professional manner.