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loads of homework traduction

The German cyclist is currently leading the race. My grandfather led a hard life.

loads of homework traduction

Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house. The lead story in the paper is about the bribery scandal. Qui est le premier coureur? Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. The screen was made of lead to prevent X-rays from passing through.

loads of homework traduction

Pass me those two leads please. I need to weigh this down. Il me faut plus de poids. The gangster filled his rival with lead.

loads of homework traduction

Le gangster truffa son rival de plomb. Par exemple, on dira "une petite fille". The lead broke on this pencil, so I have to sharpen it.

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The typesetter cut a lead to fit the line, and put it in the composing stick. Add another lead between those lines, so there will be more separation between them.

Ben hadn't trained for the race, so the lead wasn't a position he expected to find himself in.

loads of homework traduction

He had a lead of three minutes over the next runner. Il avait une avance de trois minutes sur le coureur suivant. The investigator caught the thief after finding the important lead.

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This is significant because its students scored remarkably well on international test scores. It has many parents and education advocates in America questioning our practices.

loads of homework traduction

So, are we misguided with all this work? To answer that, one must step back and question the value of assignments. How often should they be assigned?

Where is the line between too much and too little?


Here are five considerations to help you determine what to load and why. How long will it take to complete? There are no surefire traductions or golden rules that say how homework students should work, especially since they progress at different speeds. Assignments need to lead to better learning outcomes.

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To achieve this, one must balance efficiency and effectiveness. The more efficient the assignment, the more material and learning that can be covered over the course of a year.

loads of homework traduction

It must not be so quick that the material is not mastered, nor so long to provoke boredom. In between there is a sweet spot that everyone should seek. Have all learners been considered?

Often, teachers make assumptions about the time it takes to complete an assignment based on the middle-of-the-pack kid.

loads of homework traduction

Yet, struggling learners can take double or triple the time as other students to complete an assignment. Don't just think about the average learner, consider the needs of al students. Will an assignment encourage future success?

loads of homework traduction

A longer assignment can be justified if it is meaningful. Work that builds confidence and opens the door to future success is certainly worth it.

loads of homework traduction

Worthy assignments encourage participation in upcoming activities rather than discourage it. Teachers must explain the benefit of classwork and homework so that students will be sold on its benefit. Without the sales pitch, or the awareness of its purpose, students will view assignments as busy work.

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