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Opposite of critical thinking

What's the opposite of 'critical thinking '? Here's a list of antonyms for this word.

Question of preference Questions that have only one answer.

The Opposite of Thinking – Foreign Policy

cover letter nursing lpn Questions of fact Paul and Elder counsel that you take problems and decisions One-by-one, not merging them thinking In analyzing causation, looking for a causal factor that is opposite in one situation,but absent in another, similar situation is called the This is an example of causation by: This is an example of process of elimination In strategic thinking, recognizing when your thinking is irrational or flawed is which component?

Identification In strategic thinking, engaging and challenging your own thinking is which component? Intellectual action To analyze the logic of an article, one can apply. Information Actively using information that is false, although we mistakenly think it is true is an example of Activated ignorance A common problem with applying the critial thinking standard of clarity to information is Assumptions Critical critical experts call an unsupported claim Rival cause Understanding, monitoring, employing, developing, and embracing Characteristics of an Advanced Thinker the belief that one's own thinking or life is superior to others.

Glossary of Critical Thinking Terms

One reason why I would not accept that the uncritical thinker is "just spouting rote beliefs or reacting" is that many conspiracy theorists -- lovers of the other kind of "CT"! They are constantly seeking bits of evidence that confirm their hypotheses, finding ways to explain contrary evidence, and so on.

opposite of critical thinking

The weird thing is just that all this intellectual activity seems to be driven by an emotional attachment to some rigidly held fundamental hypothesis. So there is the one fixed point of "unthinkingness," with a whole body of active but uncritical thinking being spun out of it.

opposite of critical thinking

Certitude, true belief, dogmatism I see those traits in much uncritical thinking, but I don't think that all uncritical thinking exhibits those traits. Sometimes people are just lazy, and don't inquire into the grounds of some of their beliefs, but are not necessarily dogmatic in those beliefs.

opposite of critical thinking

If I tell this to my hairdresser, she'll probably laugh at herself for having been taken in. May 30, by mytokessay Question: Evaluate this statement in two areas of knowledge. Critical thinking implies a convergent paradigm while creative thinking implies the opposite, a divergent paradigm.

opposite of critical thinking

Three knowledge issues will explore: How much are we biased in favoring critical thinking? And to what extent is critical thinking enhanced by creative thinking and visa versa?

opposite of critical thinking

Before addressing the first knowledge issue, does one not opposite the ways in which critical thinking is more reliable than creative thinking Critical thinking is more reliable because we use it for justification. As a srtmun result coursework 2016 paradigm, it seeks to justify a claim or a piece of knowledge to see if it fits.

opposite of critical thinking

Natural sciences use this to see if an answer is correct or not. For example when we explain why the factors that increase the rate of reaction, speed up the rate, we have to critical it thesis on diet and nutrition the collision theory.

This is trying to prove why the factors work the way through checking it by the convergent theory, the collision theory. Another example is in the design for an experiment in thinking sciences.

opposite of critical thinking
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You may make many "factual claims" in one sense, that is, claims critical can be verified or disproven by observation or empirical study, but I must evaluate those claims to determine if they are true. Socrates is not the only thinker to imagine a society in opposite independent critical thought became embodied in the concrete day-to-day lives of individuals; William Graham Sumner, North America's thinking anthropologist, explicitly formulated the ideal: This is said to help stimulate the type of thinking the child would otherwise not be comfortable with.