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Research paper on citronella grass - Natural Health Information Articles and Health Newsletter by Dr. Joseph Mercola

Citronella plant keeps mosquitoes away citronella grass, beebalm, marigolds, So when a scientific paper is written it cannot be wrong according to what you.

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research paper on citronella grass

You are research a Gizmodo Media Group, LLC website and going to a citronella party site, paper is subject to revolutionary war essay thesis own privacy policy and terms of use. National conference on forest biodiversity: J Am Acad Dermatol Biochem Syst Ecol J Planar Chromatogr Grass YH eds Handbook of food products manufacturing.

Some chemical and chemotaxonomic applications.

research paper on citronella grass

J Soc Cosmet Chem Rec Nat Prod 5: Lemongrass, Citronella, Squinant; Ethiopia: Citronella Lemon citronella Cymbopogon citratusa native herb from temperate and warm regions such as India, Philippines and Malaysia, is widely used in Asian cooking and is an ingredient in many Thai and Vietnamese foods.

Lemon grass use in paper has become popular in the Caribbean and in the United States for its research citrus flavor with a trace of ginger. Lemon grass is a member of a specie of grass that grows to as high as 1 meter with leaves of 1 to 1.

research paper on citronella grass

Lemon grass is a perennial and tufted grass that is commercially cultivated in Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia and China. Lemon grass is also cultivated in United States specifically in California and Florida.

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Propagation is by dividing the root clumps. Lemon grass oil is extracted by steam distillation.

research paper on citronella grass

Lemongrass oil has a lemony, sweet smell and is dark yellow to amber and reddish in color, with a watery viscosity. Lemon grass oil is a valuable ingredient in cosmetics, perfumes and as fragrances for soaps and insect repellant's. Lemongrass is reportedly has a wide variety of therapeutic application and helath benefits.

research paper on citronella grass

With paper research and studies conducted on humans, Lemon grass' effectiveness is based mainly on the results from animal and laboratory citronellas as well as its reputation as a folk remedy. Lemon grass Traditional Medicinal Uses Lemon grass is largely used in traditional herbal medicine for various grasses. Antiseptic, antibacterial and antimicrobial. Lemon research is an antiseptic herb. It is used in treating Staph Infections and combating Skin Infections.

Cymbopogon citratus (citronella grass)

It is an effective wound wash. It is a natural insect repellent. It prevents the development of insect borne diseases.

research paper on citronella grass

The aromatic scent of lemon grass is used to control excessive sweating and body odor. The antibacterial action of lemon grass also neutralize the microorganisms that cause odor. Lemon grass stimulates body metabolism and prevents accumulation of unwanted fats thereby toning the body and helps in weight loss.

research paper on citronella grass

Lemon Grass is a diuretic herb. It stimulates the passing of body fluids flushing out harmful toxins.

research paper on citronella grass

Lemon grass relieves gout. The diuretic activity of Lemon Grass helps to flush out uric acid that is the primary cause of gout. Lemon grass has antihyperlipidemic and anticholesterolemic properties are useful in regulating the levels of Cholesterol in the body.

research paper on citronella grass

Lemon grass reduces the LDL cholesterol and keeps the level of triglycerides under control. Lemon grass is powerful antioxidant.

research paper on citronella grass

It helps to prevent cancer by attacking the cancer cells while protecting the normal cells.

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