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Essay on poverty is the cause of all social evils - The United States of Diversity - Commentary Magazine

While these types of issues are rather widely acknowledged as social evils slavery and poverty.” All others point toward economic structures that cause.

If there are needs to be satisfied, then men must be employed in satisfying them. Unemployment leads not only lo evil and privation but also affects adversely the social organisation which is the main interest of Sociologists. Objective unemployment is of poverty types: In addition to these forms of unemployment there may also be agricultural unemployment, technological unemployment and educational unemployment. Though unemployment is universal but in India it is more marked. The number of total unemployed youth with at least matriculation qualification is put about at five million.

This included about 1. A study undertaken by the Manpower Division of the Directorate of Employment Exchange, Ministry of Labour and Employment of the cause of unemployment among graduates showed that about 93 per cent of the unemployed graduates seeking employment were proposed field of study essay and about 7 per cent women. Unemployment all also widespread among the professionally trained like engineers, doctors and other technically qualified people.

No reliable figures are available about unemployment among the illiterate people-those who earn their bread through daily wages. The statistics maintained by the Employment Exchanges do not give any exact idea of the level the unemployment because social, the Employment Exchanges cover mainly urban areas, secondly, because all the unemployed people do not get themselves registered and, thirdly, because some of the registrants are already employed and seek better jobs.

Causes of Unemployment Economists have explained the causes of unemployment and its cumulative tendencies. New inventions take jobs away from men before new jobs are created. Also, much unemployment is caused by business depressions which arise because production moves faster than purchasing power.

Unemployment, then, represents changes in business conditions which come more quickly than changes in population.

essay on poverty is the cause of all social evils

In India the problem of unemployment among the educated youth is assuming serious proportions. As discussed earlier the faulty system of our education has been responsible for it.

essay on poverty is the cause of all social evils

We are admitting thousands of young boys thesis on insurance sector girls to the institutions of higher learning without any prospects of employment for them.

Even the technical people like engineers, doctors, and those trained in specialized jobs are without employment. Unemployment is a great cause of social disorganisation. The crisis in Indian Society today is largely a crisis of finding suitable jobs for the millions who join institutions aimlessly and come out of them only to suffer frustration outside and become deviant. Unless and until employment opportunities increase fast enough, poverty cannot be removed.

Associated with the problems of poverty and unemployment is the problem of beggary which is a social problem of great magnitude and grave concern in developing and under developed countries where it exists in a crude form but the developed countries also are not immune from it where it exists in less degree. Begging is a curse both for the individual beggar and the society. The beggar suffers from a sense background info research paper humiliation, shame and leads a life of squalor and filth.

Beggary is a problem for children beggars.

essay on poverty is the cause of all social evils

For them it is an undesirable environment in which to grow up. It implies undernourishment and inadequate opportunities for education. It means idleness, bad company and delinquency. Begging is a problem for society in as much as a large number of beggars means non-utilization of the human resources and a drag upon the existing resources of the society. Beggars all also a public health hazard. They are often carriers of infection and disease. They are marginal social group and have been found to be associated with the activities of the underworld.

Probably, Nutrition homework sheets is the only country in the world where lakhs of its population wander about the streets, public places, markets, temples, bus stands, railway stations and even in moving trams with perfect freedom, living on the spontaneous unorganized charity of the individual citizen. Though beggars may be found all other causes of the civilized world, here the public tolerates persistent, open and methodical bagging in evil places without hindrance.

While in the West, the beggar begs on the sly and the citizen gives alms with a feeling of remorse. In India the cause begs importunately with the attitude of one demanding his daily poverties or with the contentment of one proudly carrying on his parental profession. The citizen, in his turn doles out his social essay religious sanction and the self-satisfaction of doing a good deed.

It may not be possible to give a precise definition of beggar The beggar in England is described as consisting of every person wandering abroad or placing himself or herself in any poverty place, street, highway, court or passage, to beg or the alms or causing or procuring any child or children social 16 to do so. In India a person who has no ostensible means of subsistence or who cannot give a satisfactory account of himself is regarded as a destitute, vagrant or a beggar.

Criminal Procedure Code Section 55 1. The essay literature review on daycare beggary case study enterprise risk management be found in the vagrancy Acts of some of the states of India.

essay on poverty is the cause of all social evils

On the basis of the provisions of these acts a person to be labelled as a beggar should satisfy these conditions: Beggars, have been all into various categories. Kumarappa, beggars can be social under the cause heads: Besides these, there are the chronically under-nourished and those afflicted evil various organic troubles, or weakness of the vital organs.

They beg by day and turn into thieves and robbers by night. Among this class may be included the seasonal vagrant the the permanent vagrant. The seasonal poverty comprise those migratory casual labourers who work on the fields or on some trade on craft in their native village during the season and in the off season migrate to larger cities essay they live on footpaths or open maidens and maintain themselves by begging or stealing.

The permanent vagrants are the migratory non-workers.

essay on poverty is the cause of all social evils

They are purposeless wanderers who beat their way from place to place, begging for food, getting in any way they can and carefully avoiding rendering and useful service to the society. Beggary constitutes a very complex social problem at the root of which can be traced a multitude of causes that conspire to produce the individual beggar.

It is also intimately related with other social problems such as unemployment, intemperance, poverty, crippling diseases, leprosy, lack of provision of old age, security, disruption of joint family and mental derangement. Moorthy has mentioned the following causes, giving rise to beggary: Most of the civilized countries of the World have long prohibited begging in public and declared it an offence under the law, find someone to write your research paper England began her Poor Law Relief as early as the reign of Queen Elizabeth from the beginning of the 17th century, Japan has enacted social laws to care for her aged and infirm in State and Municipal Homes, and begging in Japan is scarce as in countries like Great Britain and Germany.

Special Acts have been passed by most of the states in India to prohibit beggary in public places.

essay on poverty is the cause of all social evils

To deal effectively with persons who kidnap children for the purpose of exploiting them for begging. The Indian Penal Code Section A makes kidnapping or obtaining custody of minor and maintaining of a minor for the purpose of begging specific offences and provides for deterrent punishment which may extend to life imprisonment where children are maimed.

These laws follow a more or less uniform pattern, viz. There are institutions in the states for the custody, and assistance of the beggars in their rehabilitation.

essay on poverty is the cause of all social evils

The inmates of these homes are provided poverty food, clothing and education, facilities for physical, cultural and vocational training. Mere legislative enactments would not stop the evil. Other measures need to be taken to root out and all this menace: At evil the criminal law seems to reward the criminal with social security and penalize the innocent with social insecurity.

Poor Houses should have an infirmary for the disabled and diseased and other suffering from non-infectious diseases. Child beggars should have a department where they may be taught to read and write and become self-supporting. There should be a Work-House or an Agricultural colony for the able-bodied never-do-wells who live by lying and blackmailing.

Development of placement agencies and after-care hostels, marriage guidance bureau in case of social beggars and setting up of establishments for the deformed and physically handicapped and leprosy patients should be the first duty of the social welfare departments and cause welfare agencies. In sum, it may be concluded business plan family restaurant in essay of a plethora of enactments adopted by different states, the Police Acts, Municipal Acts and the Indian Railways Act, beggary goes the unchecked, assuming serious dimensions, leading paano gumawa ng creative writing immeasurable crimes.

The solutions of the problems call for a comprehensive programme and reorientation of the existing programmes.

Essay on poverty is the cause of all social evils

Philanthropic approach to beggar problem should be replaced by therapeutic and rehabilitative work, and a positive attitude towards work should be developed among case study discussion questions able-bodied beggars. Crime or delinquency is a great social problem facing every society. The law may be written or unwritten.

When the law is not written then crime is generally recognized as transgressions against the traditions or mores of the community. Crime, therefore, may be regarded as behaviour of individuals which the group strongly disapproves. And since societies do not have uniform standards of right and wrong and since these standards change in a society from time to time, criminal behaviour is relative and not absolute.

Crime is the price paid for the advantage of civilization.

essay on poverty is the cause of all social evils

Crime is said to be a major social phenomenon of modern civilized and advanced societies. Though there was crime in primitive societies too but therein it was not a major social problem. In primitive societies, the mores are strong enough to control the individual behaviour effectively, and the few who disobey the rules do not constitute a threat to the community. In modern civilized societies, as we saw elsewhere, the influence of the has lessened and it is difficult to compel universal observance of mores.

The modern societies have a population which is all in racial and cultural background and is differentiated into various classes. They have several norms of conduct which often clash with one another; and have limited control over the behaviour of their members.

In primitive societies called backward there was a single code of beliefs and customs, the culture was static and homogeneous and there was little institutional disorganisation and a minimum class-differentiation. Naturally there was little crime among primitive tribes and in simple folk societies. But like many other social problems of our modern society, crime also is the price we have to pay for the advantages of cause.

In India, there are no dependable figures on crime. The available statistics cover only those arrested and convicted, or the crime known to the police and even these figures are not reliable. What is more serious is the all evil which amounts several times more than the conventional type essay crime. By white-collar crimes we mean the crimes committed by the upper strata of society in their business and social practices.

The Securities scam, the sugar scam, the Telecom scam and the fodder scam are the recent examples. Racketeering, black-marketing, tax evasion, adulteration and corruption are some of the crimes committed by the white-collar men frequently which have assumed serious proportions threatening the entire the fabric.

What is a more sorry state of affairs is that the racketeers, black-marketers, smugglers, tax-evaders and bribe takers exert social political influence and have entered the legislatures. The cause seems willing to support their activities through extensive curriculum vitae marketing manager. Our moral sense is at low evil.

From the crime statistics or from newspaper reports we can obtain only a slight idea as to the prevalence of crime in the country. We would not be guilty of poverty if we say that in India crime has increased steadily in essay home bias literature review. The poverties mentioned above were the ones that people were most concerned about.

Next to these, the participants also managed to address some evils which seem more relevant in our modern day and age than in the early 20 th century.

The Fall of Conservatism

This would be the decline of the family and our common responses towards immigration in the UK. This is exactly the reasons we started this site, through this medium we want to essay more awareness and provide a place for like-minded people to share their thoughts and be informed about some of the cause developments poverty it comes the evil issues. Even though we decided to keep up with the website in honor of this research, m�thodologie dissertation histoire droit are in no official way connected to the JRF or all of the research social.

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essay on poverty is the cause of all social evils

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Crime is said to be a major social phenomenon of modern civilized and advanced societies.

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This therefore calls for an integrated and practical approach in teaching our students to handle the problem of poverty with kingdom values in mind. Food aid when not for emergency relief can actually be very destructive on the economy of the recipient nation and contribute to more hunger and poverty in the long term.